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As a company that values innovation, Accurate Electronics strives for a collaborative culture. Our employees are encouraged to share ideas with each other in a challenging yet rewarding environment. 

Accurate Electronics prioritizes an inclusive workplace culture; we believe in diversity amongst our team members. Our company integrates inclusivity and integrity into our core values. We offer a dynamic opportunity to pursue your career and dreams! 

We believe in internal promotion that creates a career-oriented workplace. Our well-established company offers the perfect opportunity to join this fast-growing industry. 
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The world of Electronic Contract Manufacturing is a challenging yet rewarding industry; it is a fast paced and constantly changing environment. With continuous improvements in manufacturing technology, we welcome individuals who are both dynamic and creative thinkers and natural problem solvers. 

We have established an effective training program creating an atmosphere where management cares. Our employees and their strengths are the heart and soul of Accurate Electronics.

Our employees’ commitment to respect our core values supported by ongoing training and a positive workplace culture helps create our strong customer partnerships.
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Career Opportunities

Responsible for the purchasing of electronic components in order to meet the clients’ needs in terms of delivery, inventory, cost and quality.

This employee will perform 100% visual inspection of PCBA’s under a microscope or magnifying lamp.
The employee will perform the verification of customer and IPC standard requirements in order to ensure that the assemblies are free of defects and meet or exceed customer expectations.

This employee will perform hand soldering in accordance with IPC under a microscope or magnifying lamp. The employee will perform component preparation, component installation & replacement; touch up rework, assembly modifications, lead trimming, mechanical assembly, component bonding, hand soldering of SMD and through hole components, and inspect their own work.

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